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Doctor Who Fic: Remixed
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A remix challenge community for Doctor Who
What is who_remix?
- This is a fic challenge community for all eras of Doctor Who fanfic. In the same vain as remix_redux, the challenge involves authors signing up and 'remixing' a fic. Not that we wanted to step on their toes, but this community was created after chips_remixed as it was felt that a remix challenge for the entire Who fandom, and not one pairing, was needed.

What does remixing actually mean?
- You will essentially be rewriting someone else's fic. Keeping the three main elements (characters/pairings, setting and basic plotline) in place, you will have everything else to play with (mood, characterisation, POV, tone, tenses). You're not just changing a paragraph or two, it's not that easy. You're making it your own.

What sort of story can I remix?
- Unlike chips_remixed, this challenge is not era specific. We want writers of all pairings, eras and genres to take part. You cannot just pick a fic that you want to work with. Each participant will be assigned another participant and you will choose one of their stories to remix. Obviously, this means that by signing up you will have one of your own stories remixed.

What if I don't want any of my stories remixed?
- I'm afraid that's not the way we roll. In order to play along you must be comfortable with the fact that someone is going to rewrite one of your stories. However, every participant is allowed one safe story to every five they have written. So, if you have written five pieces of Doctor Who fanfiction, you are allowed to pick one of them as safe, and your remixer will not be allowed to work on that story. If you have written ten stories, then you can pick two, and so on. Your safe story can be any story you like and chosen for any reason whatsoever.

How do I participate?
- Most importantly, you must have written at least five stories of 500 words or more (Real Person Fiction does not count). Next, look at the deadline dates (see below). Are you realistically able to take part in this challenge? Also, are you must be comfortable with someone rewriting your fanfiction? If so, then go to the sign-up post and fill out the form.

Remember to have all of your fic in one place. Do you have it archived on a website such as whofic.com or fanfiction.net, perhaps your own wesbite? Do you have a fic masterlist on your LJ? Is all your fic tagged appropriately so it's easy to find? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you are all right. If you haven't done any of these things then you have until when the sign-ups close in order to fix that.

Okay, so what are the deadline dates then?
- Well, sign-ups open Monday 25nd May and close on Monday 8th June. You then have until Monday 3rd August to write your story.

Um, I have a question/suggestion. Who do I talk to?
- Great. You can either leave a comment to this post, PM who_remix_mod or email whoremix@gmail.com.

What next?
- As above, sign-ups open in a week, so for the time being, please add the comm to your flist. The sign-up post will go up in a few days, but comments will be disabled until Monday 25th. Another reminder will be posted when you can start signing up.

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