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Wrap-up Post

Firstly, thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who pinch-hitted. We've had 21 great stories so well done to everyone involved. I think it's safe to say we'll be back next year. Below is a masterlist, organised in alphabetical order of the remixer's name.

agapi42 wrote Indomitable (The Homo Narrans Remix) [Vira, Noah | PG]; original author stunt_muppet
atraphoenix wrote All These Things That We've Done (The Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Remix) [Liz, the Brig, Three | PG]; original author netgirl_y2k
biichan wrote Sing-Along Songs (The “You Better Look Out For Mr Stork” Duet) [John Chesterton, TARDIS | PG]; original author tigerkat24
elliptic_eye wrote Establishing Events (The Ghost Outside the Machine Remix) [Ten, Martha | PG-13]; original author ionlylurkhere
elliptic_eye (pinch-hit) wrote Tell Me About Your Mother (The Slightly Freudian Remix) [Theta | PG]; original author shobogan
fiwen1010 wrote Paper and Immortality (Jack/Ianto | G); original author santousha
glinda_penguin wrote Dispatches from Abroad (The Past is Another Country Mix) [The Doctor, Susan | PG]; original author eponymous_rose
hhertzof wrote No Sacrifice: the What Are We Doing In Love? Remix (Sarah/Harry | PG); original author paranoidangel42
ionlylurkhere wrote Uncountable Infinities (the Hobgoblin of Small Minds mix) [Romana, Brax, Rose | G]; original author in_the_end
kayliemalinza wrote Five Times Owen Rationalized Something, and One Time He Couldn't (Owen, Jack, Gwen | R); original author scarlettgirl
livii (pinch-hit) wrote Curst Be He That Moves My Bones (The Navigator Remix) [Ian/Barbara, the Doctor | G]; original author agapi42
in_the_end wrote With My Mind, I Wake Up (The Messin' With the Enemy Remix) [Martha, Ten, the Master | R]; original author rude_not_ginger
netgirl_y2k wrote Sanity is Overrated (The Different Angle Remix) [The Master, Martha | G]; original author elliptic_eye
shobogan wrote The Granddaughter Paradox (Susan, Eleven | G); original author glinda_penguin
paranoidangel42 wrote Scenes from a Government Project (The Italian Restaurant Remix) [Sarah, Harry, Jack | PG]; original author hhertzof
rude_not_ginger wrote Beginning of An Adventure (A Rainy Days Remix [Ten/Rose | G]; original author vickievrt
rude_not_ginger (pinch-hit) wrote Everyone Has Someone (An And So It Goes Remix) [Ten/TARDIS, Jack/Ianto, Martha/Tom | PG]; original author fiwen1010
santousha wrote Waiting in the Wings (Jack/Ianto | G); original author kayliemalinza
scarlettgirl wrote Bitter Truths (A Bitter Tears, Bitter Laughter Remix) [Peri, Adam | PG]; original author amaresu
stunt_muppet wrote The Strength to Hold On (The Halley’s Comet Remix) [Liz/Martha | PG-13]; original author atraphoenix
tigerkat24 wrote The UNIT Recruit's Handbook (Bambera/Ancelyn, the Master, the Rani | PG); original author biichan
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